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Top Ten Digital Marketing Insights for 2019 from the Digital Summit

Get high-level digital marketing must-dos

From content, social and search to analytics, email and influencing, the Digital Summit for marketers was filled with insights for 2019, and well worth the registration cost. That’s why I feel compelled to share the Top Ten digital marketing insights for 2019 from the Digital Summit held in Phoenix Feb. 11 and 12.

Here I am enjoying a riveting discussion during the networking happy hour.

I come from a marcom content background, and have leveraged it into data analytics, SEO and more over the years. In my not-so-humble opinion, there’s no reason for clients to hire you if your content writing isn’t backed by some amount of digital marketing expertise. There just are no more one-trick content ponies in marketing any more…or at least there shouldn’t be.

There just are no more one-trick content ponies in marketing any more…or at least there shouldn’t be.

Wicked-Smart Speakers, and Interesting Too

The team at the Digital Summit brought some marketing industry powerhouses, like @SusanEDub from @aimclear digital marketing agency. This wicked-smart marketing data guru talked about what in the WORLD to do with Facebook ad budgets in 2019 to stretch your dollars.

@lizadunning, formerly from @airbnb, talked about the concept of using community-led marketing in 2019. This means developing an authentic voice so consumers get to know the people behind the brand for that meaningful connection and brand alignment.

Most noteworthy was the opportunity to listen to the story of @scottdikkers, the founder of The Onion. He gave us the tale of his incredible—and somewhat sad—journey from suicidal Midwestern kid, to scrappy go-getter-with-a-purpose. Of course, we know he becomes a successful business entrepreneur doing something he loves.

Top Ten Digital Marketing Must-Dos for 2019

Here’s a listing of top insights from the Digital Summit in Phoenix, in no particular order:

  1. Use community-led marketing to develop an authentic voice so consumers get to know the people behind the brand for a meaningful connection and brand alignment. @lizadunning @airbnb

  2. Stop paying so much Facebook ad CPM by scaling back and diving into engagement analytics. This means examining what happens before people convert, and developing a multi-layer advertising approach. @SusanEDub @aimclear

  3. Storify your social presence and buy some ads, too. Did you know that people check Stories before Feeds nowadays? And organic doesn’t work as well as it once did, so deliver this one-two punch. @georgiadahle @hootsuite

  4. Do it for the ‘gram—that’s Instagram. Post Stories (refer back to No. 3) on this social outlet with items such as a-day-in-the-life, team profiles, how-tos, event recaps, repurposed blogs and contests. And don’t forget a beginning, middle and end to your Story! @quinntempest

  5. Create a backlink strategy that is a job, not a one-time project. And don’t forget creating great content that is worth linking to. @mjhuber

  6. Fix the most common SERP errors: speed, page construction, broken links and mobile-friendliness. @mindyweinstein ‏@marketmindshift

  7. Learn to run a BI tool to tell a story, break down political barriers and create corporate buy-in. Also, so you aren’t left behind in the next couple years. @matthertig @alightanalytics

  8. Pay attention to “People Also Ask” in Google searches, and be sure you show up! @mindyweinstein @SearchDecoder

  9. Build great employee engagement to power a high-performance, results-driven agency. By the way, his has 90% retention rate! @matthewclyde @ideascollide

  10. Find quick SEO wins to enhance search results. One example is investing in a blog. Make it the cornerstone of the site, but don’t develop a microsite or subdomain for it. @SearchDecoder ‏@Alphametic

And be sure to ask me for support with your blog – I can help. Read more.

Signing Off…

To sum it up: The Digital Summit gave purpose and provided a framework for moving forward in 2019 with best practices in digital marketing. And the open-bar networking was fun, too.

About Jill Collins

Jill Collins at j.comm marketing is a content marketing and data professional who specializes in breathing new life into brands, and finding money in nonprofit donor databases. She is a proven and trusted partner when it comes to understanding an organization and its culture. Her talent lies in marrying a client’s wants and needs with logistics. Give Jill a shot. She won’t let you down.


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