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I’m a solopreneur at j.comm marketing, LLC. What started as a side hustle 15 years ago now is my full-time passion. As an inside marketing, communications and data consultant to for-profit and nonprofit organizations, I expertly provide the gift of clarity by creating an environment that enables success through sound strategy and in-the-weeds tactics.


I'm not short on ideas for how to move forward in a positive way to meet revenue and project-specific goals. I've been in the business world for some time and have a lot to offer as a one-on-one sounding board to C-suite executives and their teams.


Would you like my help?


Jill at j.comm marketing

Nice to meet you!


work well together

j.comm marketing

"Thanks, Jill for your partnership and support to get us
to launch!"

- Hilary Gwisdala, APR 
Sr. Director ,  Customer Marketing, Honeywell Advanced Materials

If you’re looking for a proven, trusted and reliable partner, one who really understands your organization and its culture, we will work well together. My talent lies in marrying your wants and needs with logistics. By defining high-level strategies and executing them across various channels, I expertly maneuver within the framework of your environment.




To expertly provide the gift of clarity to clients in their writing, marketing and data work.

Passion, expertise, hard work and honesty drive each engagement and relationship.

To increase revenue, enhance brands and quickly turn impeccable work.




Want to know where I’ve been?

Check out my profile on LinkedIn.

j.comm marketing

"Enthusiasm goes
a long way with me, and Jill certainly brought that
to this project."

Patricia Luebke 
Former Aviation Media Professional

"I can't think of a better way to impact my community than by driving my clients to be the best they possibly can be, and by actively supporting their goals and continued revenue growth."

- Jill



Happy Clients


you need to know


Mornings are for coffee


The mornings are for coffee.

Inspired mugs are my jam.


I love to get moving.

Jill at j.comm marketing gets moving

It sets me up for success each day.

Digging in the dirt feels good


I thrive with gardening and yard work.

Digging in dirt feels good.


My homemade pickles are famous!

The road to pickling perfection took user testing

The road to perfection took a lot of user testing.

I lose myself and find myself in reading books


I was a librarian for 4 years.

For as long as I can remember,
I’ve lost (and found) myself in books.

Peace Corps

I lived in Lithuania when I was in the Peace Corps.

In the Peace Corps the teacher's toilet had paper this day!

The teachers’ toilet in our school had paper on this day!

Artemis the dog loves and wreaks havoc


I'm a dog person.

Meet Artemis, whose job
it is to love and wreak havoc.


I love winning.

Contact me if you like winning

Contact me if you do, too.


to talk about

j.comm marketing bubble

Thank you for all your work and for just jumping in and putting your head down and making things happen. I am so grateful for your partnership and the way in which you accept challenges with such a positive, can do and loving spirit.

Shannon Clancy


St. Vincent de Paul

j.comm marketing bubble

I have had the pleasure of working with Jill. She is a strategic thinker who can also deliver with quality. An excellent writer and editor, she also has an eye for design. She can create and manage marketing programs through traditional and modern channels that will deliver results against the organization's goals. Jill can juggle many projects at once and is excellent at keeping track of her team's accomplishments.

Amy Jordan Munoz

Educator with a background in corporate communications, leadership development and employee engagement

j.comm marketing bubble

Jill is a pleasure to work with. She took our project and made it her own. With her designing and running our program, I was able to focus on the event and make sure everything went smoothly. The program arrived on time and was beautiful. Everyone was thrilled, and I can't wait to use her services again next year. I Highly Recommend working with Jill!

Josh Goodman

Director of Marketing & Communications

Congregation Beth Israel

j.comm marketing bubble

Jill’s business acumen and marketing experience coupled with her laser focus and attention to detail helped us get a critical customer experience project back on track.


From detailed analysis and project management to digital marketing advisor, she was a valuable resource who seamlessly fit into the team, contributing from day one. 

Jon Ruder

CX and IT Director

Honeywell PMT

j.comm marketing bubble

Jill is absolutely fantastic to work with. She is a great strategic thinker on behalf of her clients! She can focus very well on all of the details that go into making a project successful while at the same time keeping her eye on the goal. Jill communicates very well and in a very timely manner. Her organizational skills are also impeccable! Anyone would be lucky to work with her.

Melissa Archer-Muncaster

Area Sales Manager
CPC Solutions

j.comm marketing bubble

Jill is a consummate professional and incredibly hard worker who helps lead key communications projects. She is also a dynamic and engaging writer.


After leadership transitions in our communications team, AzHHA needed a partner and consultant to help discern our next steps. Jill jumped in, learned our business and team dynamic, and started cranking out content—press releases, member advisories, our first Annual Report, website and more. 
In parallel, Jill did a bottom-up communications assessment, determined what skill set we needed in a permanent internal candidate, and vetted more than 100 candidates. We landed an excellent communications professional and Jill was instrumental in her onboarding and orientation.

Ann-Marie Alameddin

President & CEO

Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association

j.comm marketing bubble

Working with Jill has been fabulous. She is responsive and quickly grasps the content requirements of even the most technical job or client. Her grammar is impeccable and writing style is adaptable and always on point. Her quick turnarounds are always appreciated as well. I highly recommend Jill and will continue to hire her for our communications projects.

Diane Eichler

President & Founder

Decibel Blue

j.comm marketing bubble

She is a joy to work with and brings expertise, professionalism and humor to the table. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jill and would highly recommend her for those looking for a project lead who over-delivers on schedule, and leaves the organization a better place.

Alyssa Crockett

Leadership and Legacy Officer
Valleywise Health Foundation

j.comm marketing bubble

Jill lent her expertise in creating a historical piece for a publication of Women in Aviation International. Throughout the process, she communicated her progress and went beyond what was expected in writing this piece as well as sourcing historical photographs with, which is a huge plus for any harried editor. Enthusiasm goes a long way with me, and Jill certainly brought that to this writing project. And, of course, she kept to the deadline.

Patricia Luebke

Former "Aviation

Royalty" & Media Professional

May Pat Rest in Eternal Peace

Fun Facts
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